Restoration of Original Limestone Fireplace and Beehive Oven

LVBA Specialty Project Award
Hellertown, PA

The client was sure that under the 1950’s era brick and plaster was a limestone fireplace to match the façade of their 150 year old colonial farmhouse.

As the demolition progressed a beehive oven was discovered tucked in the corner at the side of the fireplace.

Subsequent investigation revealed that a walk-in fireplace had been connected to our more modest fireplace. The clients decided to save and restore the original stone walk-in fireplace.

  • Fireplace rebuilt from stone salvaged from property and quarried limestone
  • Lintel cut from salvaged chestnut barn beam
  • Flagstone hearth constructed from stone salvaged on site
  • Pointing was German ridge style
  • Fireplace is completely functional