Historic Restoration

Award-Winning Execution

We work on historic barns, churches and buildings in order to renovate and restore, using skills and techniques that honor original work and details.

Brick & Stone Masonry repair

Whether it be limestone, sandstone, stone and brick veneer, or brick and cast stone, we work with a wide range of brick and stone. Our services include the following:

Renovation & Remodeling

In both old and new homes, we help to renovate beautiful indoor spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Wood Restoration

Working to restore or replace wood in need, we work on windows, doors, porches and decorative details.

Patio & Walkways

We create and repair patios and walkways of varied materials such as flagstone or brick.

Restoration & Renovation Consulting

Not sure how to proceed? We can give you guidance on your next restoration or renovation project. Contact us today to learn more!