Total Exterior Restoration of 1800 Circa Farmhouse

LVBA Historic Restoration Award
Allentown, PA

We received a request to bid on exposing exterior stonework and repairing the front porch of this 1800ís farmhouse. ďNo way thatís a stone homeĒ was my thought on first seeing the expanse of faded aluminum siding and the dilapidated porch. The before and after photos clearly demonstrate you canít judge a book by its cover.

  • Removal of all the old siding and stucco
  • Stone was then pressure washed and repointed
  • Porch foundation was removed and re-poured
  • Failing stone work was re-laid on several areas of porch foundation and rear corner of house
  • Total wood replacement of the porch
  • Total steps reconstruction
  • Cracked block chimney was clad with self-furring metal lath attached with masonry screws and re-stuccoed
  • Cellar windows were rebuilt and sills capped
  • New steel basement door was installed